The Blogger’s Guide to Content Distribution Channels

Interesting approach to getting your content in front of more of your target audience:

Content Distribution Channels aren’t talked about much in the social media space but they are critical in the startup world.

I’ve thrown a new buzzword at you so we’ll start with a definition.

Distribution Channels are places where your target audience congregate online to satisfy their thirst for more information about your subject.

For startups, distribution channels are where they find new users for products and services. You are familiar with “The Big Three” distribution channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

The problem is that the Big Three are charging for access to your potential audience which disqualifies most businesses from using them.  This means your post is reaching a sliver of your targeted audience.

There are a few more interesting tactics to maximize your reach on Facebook for example.  But it’s time for you to look for new places to distribute your content.

The Blogger’s Guide to Content Distribution Channels – Pushing Social.

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